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Posted by Robyns090 at Mar 27, 2017 11:00:37 AM
Re: Much needed Flotilla Improvements
Suggestions I would make:

1. Alert flags who own island near Flotilla's who BK may attack
2. Allow flags to place a bounty on destroying the flotilla. This could be as little as 10k but several flags at risk of being hit by the BK may put in some poe. The total bounty + other poe from the BK itself goes towards the ship that sinks the final ship in a flotilla. If multiple ships have done damage to final ship then bounty is distributed according to % of damage done by each ship.
3. Increase poe pay out of BK sinks
4. Add chests to the TH which include several items including a NEW pet and a NEW familiar
6. Also from TH ship can gain some basic commodities such as Rum, CBs, Iron, wood but not in massive amounts

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