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Posted by Croceye at Mar 14, 2017 8:50:08 PM
Re: Meridians Future
To those who have mentioned the dub prices and economics of them being brought for $, ill say this, them being at the 4.5k mark at the moment is terrible, lowering them to a fair amount like 2-3k per would be great.

Reason for this, is because whats the point in buying dubs for $ if the game is dying? People are not going to be looking at this option any longer as whatever is going to be brought with those dubs is soon going to die off, so say i brought 500 dubs in the game, 3 months time I just lost out on a lot of money due to the ocean being dead.

I know some may question the logic in that but it was a example of people not looking to buy dubs any longer or very many which again, doesn't generate enough money for the game any longer.

Simpler terms, whats the point in buying dubloons with $ for a dying game, lower the price of them to 2-3k, THEN you may start to keep newer players back and then maybe they could decide to buy dubs with $

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