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Posted by Altich at Mar 8, 2017 2:04:16 PM
Re: How do OMs know you're botting?
Plain logic says that the simplest method to detect bots is to calculate behaviors that are too precise to be made by humans (e.g. making a move every EXACTLY 0.5 seconds etc.) This, however is just a primitive method of detection. Many bot programs have adjusted, and so have the detection methods, which I don't know.

It wouldn't be wise if the developers released their ways to detect bots, since this would allow bot programs to adjust even further.

Most bot programs (not just for Puzzle Pirates) promise that it is impossible to be detected. Because of this, people that are caught, think that it's not their fault and cry all the time at the forums and plague the staff with pleads and emails, at first trying to seem like a victim and finally swearing, cursing the developers, the players and the world for something that it is THEIR fault. Because of this, if you are within the 0.001% of the people that was actually unfairly banned, there is very little hope for anyone to take you seriously.

I know these because I have done my basic search about bot programs. But I promise, I didn't ever use one! It would be ironic if I am banned and then start pleading in the forums like I mentioned before xD. If that happens, please believe that I am the innocent 0.001% and not like the others!!!

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