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Posted by Doulber at Mar 7, 2017 7:28:55 AM
Re: Meridians Future
To those whom are not trained in monetary economics, a short but brief lesson follows;

If you increase PoE sinks, you decrease the availability of the most liquidable form of currency in the economy. Due to the incredible amount of volume of PoE in circulation, the effects will be marginal at best. I would recommend another alternative.

This is holding doubloon supply constant. Which includes people who purchases doubloons monthly, and provided the great Tzz still holds his massive amount of doubloons ;)

For those players who believe they know monetary economics, it is a very touchy and tricky subject. It cannot be applied with the same knowledge as we use policy indicators in the real world because there exists other endogenous variables. These include the interest rate, unemployment, inflation, etc. These do not exist in YPP.

Therefore, one short term solution would be for YPP to increase the supply of doubloons, or increasing the $/doubloon for those who purchase them. This is only a short term solution, and could hurt GH's margin.

Tldr; stop with the PoE sinks. Think outside the box. This is not the real world economy.
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