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Posted by Paulisma at Mar 7, 2017 12:30:21 AM
Re: Meridians Future
The OMs have always been lackluster taking players opinions in mind until shortly ago. Lowering just dub prices in this game isn't going to increase the community a lot I imagine, so there is not a lot in it for OMs to do it because it'd make buying dubs less attractive to buy for $. Emerald and Meridian have turned out into milking places and that money is being used to somehow get this game back on track by introducing Obisidian. If you're still thinking they're killing this game off on purpose after introducing the new ocean you have no value to add to this game.

As both Meridian and Emerald player I wouldn't see why merging both oceans together would be good for Emerald, just how I never saw the point of adding Malachite to Viridian.
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