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Posted by gagund at Mar 6, 2017 9:42:54 PM
Re: Meridians Future

It wouldn't hurt anyone if Grey Havens discreetly reduced the poe supply and increasing the dub supply by magicking up dubs and selling them thru the exchange, and over time, the exchange price would be lowered.

Black Boxes were the best thing that ever happened to the Doubloon Exchange. The prices were headed in the right direction and then some genius got the idea to create Gold Boxes which turned the market on its head again. This is just one small example of a game feature which influenced the doubloon market without needing to sneakily and illicitly intervene in such ways as you describe.

Increasing poe sinks (and balancing poe fountains) has always been a long term problem for the game that has never been addressed and which we are now feeling the effects of. Clearly the guys who are implementing the game have little to no experience with economics. (Or they could already be intervening already at the moment, preventing dubs from being 10k. If so, they should probably ramp up their efforts.)

Yea, they could go down the black box route again for sinks. Maybe a mega black box for 100k ea. But an even faster way to drain more poe out of the game would be the method i proposed. I haven't got a clue why you called it illicit? If you're concerned about the magicking up part, consider the fact that they magick up money all the time in the form of free tournies. And it shouldn't hurt their revenue as i doubt people are that much more incentivized to buy dubs at 4k vs say 2k.

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