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Posted by Penguinbr at Mar 6, 2017 1:38:43 PM
Re: Meridians Future
I agree with most of Yanojr's post. In addition, I don't think GH idea is bad at all, by giving a reshape in mostly every aspect of Puzzle Pirates. The game has been the same since 2003, and as some may enjoy it, most the public doesn't. If the playerbase was big enough, then the change probably wouldn't have happened. As a company, Grey Havens looks for a balance between gaining profits and keeping a solid player base.
Advertising is not the answer for everything. I don't think advertising the current version of Puzzle Pirates, with a low playerbase, dead oceans, glitches, bots, poe buyers (...) just won't attract anyone new to the game, while recreating aspects of the game into a new client only acessible through Steam (The biggest gaming community) seems to be a very reasonable path.
I understand your frustration, I understand your losses, we are all losing items with the price of moving to a new ocean (For example, I'm losing about 200 ships, being a lot of them renamed), but I think it's all for the best.
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Just havin' fun and gathering new haters/fans <3

Meridian sucks, that's why I'm there.

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