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Posted by Croceye at Mar 6, 2017 6:48:47 AM
Re: Meridians Future
It's always good to express your opinions and im glad you guys did... First of all you can pvp unwantedly on any ocean at any current time and trust me i have done it on meridian and will do it agsin... If not at war its not sinky... Understand thats not part you guys will enjoy, but a lot of people will, the new release is for everyone not just you guy...

Thanks Yanojr for your thought :), just thought I should say though as it should of been something i needed to add, I understand the fact its for everybody not just myself and maybe a couple of others.
I know that there are people hyped for this new puzzle pirates, and I will be paying a visit myself to check it out, may even play.
However I just find it useless to have a ocean which is losing multiple people a day to just sit there. I worry about the player count sinking to 40-60, Big ships then will be history as no one will be able to have a continues safe amount of pirates on board for whatever you are hosting.

I understand the dub prices are player generated, though I had a thought something could be done like a borderline, cant sell dubs more than (...).

Lastly i realise you can pvp whenever already, but its going to be far less i believe on here than it is going to be on this new ocean. Have yet to find out.

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