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Posted by dottyholt at Mar 5, 2017 7:46:56 PM
Re: Meridians Future
Totally agree with croceye, don't care if it's all been said before, it needs to be said again, as it seems the gamers really don't give a rats ass what happens to this game lately. My question is this, why buy the damned game back if you are only gonna let it die? And, for more money then what you originally sold it for. Must be losing your marbles. Pffft PP is more than just an iconic game with outstanding
gameplay, puzzles, pillies, all kinds, and most of all the people. I have played this game for nearly 12 years now. Have seen all the changes as well. It totally saddens me at the price of dubs, the low player base, it gets worse every day and nothing is done about it. Then why bother buying the game back, that's the 64 thousand dollar question.

Then you go and make another ocean, where players pvp each other? Lovely, just lovely, like there's not enough competition between people as it is, friendships broken up over this crap, and now you all are gonna make it worse? Wow!!!!!

Total shame really, I love puzzle pirates, always will, especially all the close friendships I have made over these past close to 12 yrs. All the ships I have purchased, my houses, familiars, stats, etc., etc. I will not be starting all over if this game goes down. I will, however, stay on Merdian till it is no more, as they say, this Captain will go down with her ships.

It has been my pleasure tho, to have met most of my Angels through the years, you all are awesome people. And it has been my pleasure to be the head of such a wonderful and amazing crew. This pirate, loves you all, always & forever.

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