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Posted by Croceye at Mar 5, 2017 7:34:16 PM
Re: Meridians Future
Welcome to the forums, thanks for not paying attention, basically at all to anything anyone else has been posting about the death of the game for literally the past 10 years.

You have said nothing that hasn't already been said. And frankly meridian is still well off compared to cerulean (subscriber) which has been in decline since the doub oceans were originally added.

I normally don't care when people post new forums about same old topics, but the length of yours has encouraged me to speak up.

Whats the problem of showing my opinion ? Don't care about the subscriber ocean, wonder why its doing crap? Because people don't want to have to pay to play, some people actually want to play for free.
The option of buying dubs is always there, im sure people still do it, that's why i said to make it 2-3k per dub so it can still encourage, when it was at 1k a dub years ago people may not of done it as much, but 5k a piece is beyond a joke.

And quit trying to be a smart ass with your first comment? I'm not going to be looking through all the threads ever made and look for something similar to what i want to post in. I'm concerned at this moment in time.

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