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Posted by Croceye at Mar 5, 2017 5:09:48 PM
Meridians Future
So lets be honest here guys, you trying to kill the ocean without saying it ? Cause it bloody is starting to look like it.

First off you announce you create a new ocean to only be launched in the steam client, which from what i hear and heard, playing the game off steam is crap, something along the lines of lag and crashing ? Not only that your promoting the PVP aspect further which leads into hatred towards others and broken relationships which i find very sad.
Flags and blockades had already done that before you had started thinking about this new ocean.
Sega once owned this game and literally throw it in the dumpster, then re-brought by Grey Havens for even more money than what Sega gave them in the first place.
This was a light at the end of the tunnel everybody had hoped for, Puzzle Pirates will start to come alive again, with possible new content being added for attracting new eyes to the game. However this has not happened and i am greatly ashamed to see this happen to the game, the death of Puzzle Pirates. The population on here before used to thrive, so much was to be done, so much fun to be had, then a merge happened to increase the population again once it had gone down, that's when Viridian became Meridian.

Its has supposedly been said that merging between Meridian and Emerald is not going to happen, explain to me why? What is there to lose at the end of the day? The fact your just going to let the ocean population get slimmer by the day is saddening. Ever thought about what if people still like the play the old way? The way fun is to be had? You say to us without saying it, "all move to one ocean", and ill make this bloody clear, i have far to much invested into one ocean (Meridian) to move on over to restart just to be able to do stuff? To sell everything to just re-buy it again on a new ocean (Emerald)? Its stupidity at its finest! I mean its ok to those who already have a account with expensive, well earned items, but have you ever taken the time to ever think about those who will have to restart from scratch?
Now i know there will be comments mentioning the fact to sell everything on Meridian then re-buy it again on Emerald, ill have you know that I do know that, however the dub prices are at an inexcusable price (5k+ a dub), when you come to sell them again on Emerald you don't get half as much back and some items will prove hard / impossible to get again.
One of my dearest hearties owned a very rare furniture piece on Meridian, one i doubt people would be willing to sell for a decent price on emerald.

My major point being this, merging is the way to be fair to everybody, saying to those on Meridian to dump everything they have worked for on the game to just attempt to re-buy on Emerald or work for again is sickening and very unfair, compared to those who have already made a life on emerald long before all this crap started to hit the fan.

Another point to be made on this new ocean though is that its all PVP related, I loved to do things like pillys and SMH maps etc... But now to be having the thought of, hmm if i go out i could be attacked at anytime ? could be sunk, meaning what was meant to be fun has now turned into hatred and annoyance. My point being, on these oceans remaining at the moment allow you to have fun, not many people go out there way to attack another anymore.

There are things in which can be done on these oceans still to improve it! Merge both of the oceans for a start, I can't stress this enough! What is there to lose? The population on Meridian lately is shocking, for the mornings and afternoons for myself, mainly hold the player count of 60-80, evening we just about hit over 110, but not a lot i would imagine could happen in the evening for people cause of school and work.
Dub prices, start to intervene a little? i mean i remember to the days they were 1k below... make them a fair price of 2-3k per, you may start to hold back those who start the game from new than leave after knowing how much work they have to put into the game to just get something as simple as a badge or a simple piece of furniture or a ship...
Instead of investing money into this new ocean, make whats left count on the old ones? At the end of the day isn't that the part people loved about this game and the reason they joined it in the first place?

Its the simple things you know what counts towards keeping the game alive and running and the people happy.

Please i beg of you not the delete this thread nor prevent others from commenting, we all have a right to share our views on this whole situation and this is mine. I believe i could of gone on further but ill leave it at this for now. Thank you for taking the time to read this, the new ocean isn't all bad, but I just felt instead of creating another one, all this time and effort should of been used to making the old ones even better than they are right now.

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