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Posted by Vepar7 at Mar 3, 2017 6:20:33 AM
Re: How do OMs know you're botting?
They don't know if you are botting or not, their system just flags you based on a certain clicking/pathing pattern which hopefully most of the botters share - and if you get a few flags in a short time frame you automatically get banned.

Its also the reason why they ask you about which bots you've used when you send an appeal as they don't know which puzzle exactly got you banned. And if you shouldn't have botted at all ("false positive") chances are very high they'll assume you are lying if you claim to have not been botting ( because as stated, they have no other information than a "Yes" checkbox on Botting).

That being said the detection system is a joke and wrongfully bans people like him.
The Oceanmasters also don't seem to use common sense to manually ban botters (check the top list pirates) that all share the same puzzle pattern and its been like that for years.

Chances are that you will get banned for botting someday - regardless of having botted or not.
...normally there is a communication between the client and the server each 5 seconds; if this time is longer, this could be a sign of cheating...

People used to lagswitch in Swordfighting.

The server functions solely as a "middleman/transmitter" for information.
You only send updates about the stríkes you've sent and your current board state and receive the same information from your opponent.
However, back in the day you simply could disconnect to "play offline" and then reconnect to catch up with all the information - which was both used for surviving longer (not receiving packages / "strikes" from your opponent) and building up a big combo (f.e opener) and sending it once reconnected. Think of an 100% insta opener or infinity survivability.
Should you be familiar with SFing you'd notice that its incredibly broken, can be used infinitely during a single game and that stalled hits "overhit", e.g the cheater receives incoming strikes turn by turn thus greatly diminishing their damage (overlapping edge hits or block hits).

Furthermore your opponent wasn't able to react to anything since the usual playstyle prediction resolves around breaker sequences (e.g in a stick vs stick fight a red breaker allows you to judge their hit/clear), board state (e.g hes at the top so his board must be messed up) and the center column (e.g he can't clear his center thus being greatly impaired) - so the strikes were both unpredictable and overwhelmingly huge (given the impression that you were constantly sending strikes without an answer).
Got customer supported on Emerald

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