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Posted by Iower1 at Feb 12, 2017 8:30:57 AM
Barbaz and Clover's Grand Box Auction [PRIZES UPGRADED]
Event: Barbaz and Clover's Grand Box Auction
Date: Friday 17th of February


Bid for your boxes and get familiars or other valuable goodies at favorable odds.

The box auction will be held at Privateers Grandiose Crew Hall at Admiral on Friday, 17th of February, 2017 at 2pm GameTime.

On that day, you can /tell Barbaz, Clover-West or Cheryll for an invite or come on your own in the Event tab on Notice Board.

The rules are quite simple, pirates will bid for the boxes put on auction, and the highest bidder wins.

Bidding will be starting at 150k, increments of 2k and BIN at 300k!

There will be 100 boxes, containing one of the following prizes in no particular order:

Familiars (16) :

1 Unnamed Tan Raven
1 Unnamed Tan Monkey
1 Unnamed Tan Parrot
2 Named Tan Octos (Poseidon & Cinastix)
1 Named Blue Seahorse (Endgame)
1 Named Blue Krakling (Tzzthechamp)
1 Unnamed Violet Krakling
2 Named Green Kraklings (Karolyn and Back)
1 Unnamed Navy Krakling
2 Unnamed Light Green Kraklings
1 Unnamed Aqua Krakling
1 Unnamed Seagreen/Yellow Spider
1 Named Brown/Brown Spider (Kush)

Pets (23) :

1 Named Big Cat (Bagheera)
1 Unnamed Dark Brown/Light grey Pelican
1 Unnamed Gold Seal
1 Unnamed Black Seal
2 Unnamed Black small dogs
2 Unnamed Black cats
2 Unnamed Gold Cat
5 Unnamed Gold HedgeHogs
1 Unnamed Black Pig
2 Sea Turtles (Blue & Green)
5 Unnamed Karkinos

Ships: (11)

1 Ice Dhow
1 Ice Fanchuan
1 Sealed Deed to a Banana Sloop
8 Plain Sloops

Furniture (28) :

6 Gilded Beds
1 Gilded Bookcases
4 Gilded Bludgeon Trunks
7 Gilded Candelabras
5 Gilded Display Cases
2 Gilded Sofas
2 Gilded Drink Rack
1 Chaos Cauldron

Chroma Sets (14) :

5 Sets of 4 Ice chromas (skull defeated by: Clover-West)
1 Set of 4 Chocolate Chromas (zombie hand defeated by: Sporting)
3 Sets of 2 Lime chromas (zombie hand defeated by: Clover-West)
4 Sets of 4 Sea green chromas (zombie hand defeated by: Barbaz)
1 Set of 4 Black chromas (skull Defeated by: Sporting)

Swords Sets (8) :

8 Sets of 1 New Falchion and 1 Good Saber (skull defeated by: Barbaz)


1) In order to raise no suspicion among fellow pirates and especially our bidders, the prizes will be wrapped in boxes all of the same colour by Barbaz with no numbers on them, then passed to Clover-West who will number them.

2) Payments can be given to Barbaz or Clover-West, no other pirate is authorized to accept payments.

3) If for any reason you cannot be present in the Auction day, you can still pre-bid a particular number for the 300k BIN by contacting me ingame and save a box.

4) All boxes (pre bid or not) will be delivered to their rightful winner, by Barbaz, at the end of the event (or whenever you log on AFTER the event has ended).

5) If you win one of the boxes containing the specified trinkets, you can trade your trinket to Clover-West, who will give you the correspondent prize.

6) 10% of all auction earnings will be delivered to Black Flag funds.

7) OM disclaimer to save them the trouble: Please note that this event, as with any lottery, raffle or auction, is run at the risk of the participants. If there is shown to be cheating or wrongdoing, the culprit will be punished, but no poe will be returned to participants affected. Please only enter if you trust the person or people hosting the event.

Fair Winds!

Boxes saved so far:

#50 - Juls
#56 and #12 - Poison
#17 Mackem

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