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Posted by Rick9109 at Feb 11, 2017 2:41:19 AM
Re: Much needed Flotilla Improvements

I think that the Flotilla mechanic has mostly run its course. It was a very important step in YPP development as it opened up the world to multiship battles that weren't blockades.

I know a few people really like it, but for the most part, it's a difficult to staff event.

My suggestion is that there should be an alternative.

Sure, pirates gather their ships offshore before blockading an island? But what else do they do? They make a nasty mess of themselves at the inn! Therefore, I think island owners should be able to click a button to invite a different sort of flotilla to approach.

This one would feature rowdy pirates in the inn, who you could only defeat via DRINKING. Island owners could put up a bounty and hopeful pirates with strong livers could set at the table at all hours of the day and attempt to drink these vile brigand kings into submission. If they win, they get a portion of the bounty (roughly equivalent to the time per minute spent in a flotilla). If they lose . . . their pirate wakes up behind the inn, with a random chance of injury.

Island owners would have the right to not put up the bounty and thus leave the traditional flotilla mechanics in place. Heck, maybe only the non-sinking ones will go in for the drinking parties, thus leaving flotillas up for the people who do like them.
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