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Posted by Assasinette at Feb 8, 2017 5:16:23 PM
Re: Pirates seeking Crews
Looking for a flag or crew that wants to be active overall; one that embraces a team approach. Those whose members wish to cross job on runs and other events. I am open to shifting to a crew as well.

What I offer is the ability to chart the ocean, a fair sized fleet both plain and LE ships, and a helpful personality. I also enjoy sailing on stock moves.

What I have found in the past is crews/flags that enjoy free charting, and using the things that I can bring yet when I look for people to job? well the crickets chirp. Pillages need gunners, sailors, carp and bilge. I often fill those roles yet don?t seem to see those who I help return the favor. (This is what I am looking for).

If you know me you know I don?t laze and pull my weight on any run and don?t mind sailing/patching or doing what I can to help out. If your crew/flag would return the favors/help by joining me on pillages ect? Hit me up.

I enjoy the Kade scene as well in many ways; watching, discussing, and participating, as of late it seems to have turned into the same group they just shift flags for the Kade fairly boring for those not in the club. (Maybe its always been that way).

So if your one of the flags that enjoys paying for a Kade and grabbing the same group of navers to cross flag lines (for the Kade) that is fine but I don?t wish to spend poe and ships for such Kades. This doesn?t mean I am not interested in joining just won?t be funding/participating in the Kade, however would look to pillage and SMH together.

Have pm'd you. Please check your mailbox.

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