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Posted by fourteen1414 at Jan 5, 2017 7:55:12 AM
Re: Conglin Island
Theres "only" 2 flots left. The one off Chaparral was sent home a few days ago. I do not know when you last checked about who runs flots. But I know that Gunnerfreak, Waterspout and myself has been loading the last month+. Granted its tough to load at times but if we just give up and do not try then things defo won't happen.

This is not about having a BK sit and camp on an island so that specific BK do not spawn a flot.
Jimmyjimjim said:
No. You sir are the troll, with your threat of a ddos, oooo how E-thug you are. I cry bullshit. Ddos me then...what are you going to do fill up my forum inbox with your e-rage?

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