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Posted by Jcmorgan6 at Dec 5, 2016 3:47:42 AM
Re: Quick Poll in regards to your ban history on YPP.
It's possible I was unclear or misunderstood. Say someone was banned 5 years ago, and has not offended since (apart from ban evasion), then their answer would be 5 years, not 'I have not offended since my original ban.'

I was trying to get across how long some people have played since their ban without repeating offences. Since the attitude of once a rule breaker always a rule breaker is so prevalent in the somewhat common 'Give banned players another chance' style threads. It would also showcase the importance of temporary bans, instead of permanently banning every offender. In my opinion, Puzzle Pirates suffers from not having a long-term temporary ban used regularly, I'm thinking anywhere from one month to a year.
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