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Posted by roflololmao at Dec 5, 2016 1:49:44 AM
Re: Ultimate Rigging List
If we look at the Patching list we get

1. Grumpycat - Sails/Rigs/Carp/Patch/Bilge/Guns/Dnav/Dist/Alch/SW/BS/Forage/Weave (Novice in every other puzzle
2. Hesperus Rigs/Patch
3. Suppervrefos - Rigs/Carp/Patch/Bilge/Guns/TH/SF/Forage/BS
4. Qrk - Sails/Rigs/Carp/Patch/Bilge/Guns/TH/Dnav/SF/Rumble/Dist/Alch/SW/BS/Forage/Weave
5. Drekavac - in the post above
6. Afirmat Patch/SF Novice in every other puzzle besides rigs
7. Amalja - Rigs/Patch/Bilge/Guns/Dnav/SF Novice in Carousing and Crafting
8. Triplepat - Sails/Rigs/Carp/Patch/Bilge/Guns/Bnav/SF/Rumb/SW/BS/Forage
9. Warsloop - Patch/Guns/Forage
10. Quark - Patch/Forage
11. Islandpie - Carp/Patch/TH/SW/Forage
12. Urologist - Patch

If we look at the experience of their patching we get

4x Solids
4x Weighty
1x Illustrious
3x Sublime

So 2/3rds of them have achieved ultimate in a short period of time.

As a patcher myself I don't like the current state of the puzzle as its nearly impossible to get incredible even with constant sparkles and these people are doing it consistently from the start. It seems awfully suspicious.
Roflolmao of the Emerald(Mainly)/Obisidian Ocean

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