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Posted by Jcmorgan6 at Dec 5, 2016 12:28:09 AM
Ultimate Rigging List
The stats listed are all their Renowned and above excluding Poker, drawing attention to the following 6 puzzles well known for botting, Rigging/Patching/Bilging/Duty Navigation/Shipwrightery/Blacksmithing

Ultimate Rigging List:
1.Pruz - Rigs/Patch/Bilge/Dnav/Bnav/SF/SW/BS
2.Jasonvorhees - Rigs/Patch/Bilge
3.Bobfs - Rigs/Carp/Bilge/Forage
4.Pooding - Rigs/Patch/Bilge
5.Aurife - Rigs/Patch/Bilge/TH/Dnav/SF/SW/BS
6.Dysphoria - Rigs/Patch/Bilge/Dnav/Forage
7.Olympus - Rigs/Carp/Patch/Bilge/SF/TD/Forage
8.Cihcgoalie - Rigs/Bilge/BS/Forage
9.Littleus - Sails/Rigs/Patch/Bilge/TH/SF
10.Drsyn - Rigs/Patch/Bilge/Dnav/SW/BS
11.Furret - Rigs/Patch/Bilge/Dnav/SF/SW/BS
12.Pokerrzz - Rigs/Bilge
13.Murdocc - Rigs/Carp/Patch/Bilge/SW
14.Headsnipe - Rigs/Patch/Bilge/Dnav/Bnav/BS/Weaving
15.Drekavac - Sails/Rigs/Carp/Patch/Bilge/Guns/Dnav/TD

Noteworthy mentions from the Ultimate Bilging list:(Alot less of a trend here, but still very obviously a trend).
2.Vercxce - Rigs/Patch/Bilge/SW
4.Pooding , previously mentioned
6.Patch Rigs/Patch/Bilge/Dnav/BS
7.Proudslider - Rigs/Bilge
8.Greyheim - Rigs/Patch/Bilge/Dnav/SF/Rumble/Drinking/SW/BS
9.Artiimus - Rigs/Patch/Bilge/Guns/Dnav/SF/Rumble/SW/BS/Weaving
10.Drsyn , previously mentioned
12.Aurife , previously mentioned
13.Pokerrzz , previously mentioned
16.Charless Sails/Rigs/Bilge
21.Kelvinm - Rigs/Patch/Bilge/SW/BS
22.Vernica - Rigs/Patch/Bilge/Dnav/SF/SW/BS

Obviously I'm not saying all these pirates bot, but I'd wager a large number of them do.

This seems too obvious to not have been thought of before, but do the bots create enough 'mistakes' that simply having 1 or 2 set layouts a week that are the same for all pirates would not catch them. As in they'd all solve the boards the same way.
Jjc on Emerald
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