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Posted by budclare2 at Nov 15, 2016 4:53:47 AM
Re: Familiar/Pet Colors Needed
Wine boxes:
wine/gold hatted parrot: inventory image
yetis: hat colors! I've only seen red so far, but the doc says "random". :( Random from the standard hat colors (red, green, ice) or random from all standard colors and it's just luck that I've only seen an old hat color so far? So, let me know what hat colors you see, and if you see a new one, I'll need an inventory image.

Currently we have:

How about for now you just number them and we figure out colour names once they stop popping up?

/e headdesks

Maybe. I don't know.

/e pulls hair out
Budclare on Meridian

I want a cookie.

(Imp turned me into a dolly! :D)

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