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Posted by Crimsonator at Nov 3, 2016 8:23:52 AM
Re: Battle Navigation Rating
In my early pillaging days, and having grinded quite a bit, I found that I was easily able to maintain a legendary standing in bnav doing only green routes, and apparently, red routes like Osprey and Pleiadas (I am not aware of any other red archipelagos or interarch routes in Emerald) and redder ones like Wissa - Beaufort and Tichka - Hubble's Eye seem to help out your rank more, but I have my doubts about that.

I was going to write a lecture on how a navver should never engage their ships and instead wait for their spawns to engage them, but I noticed that that is what you do. In any case, in my early days of pillaging, I found that by letting my spawns engage me, I was able to maintain legendary simply by doing green pillages in Gull, not to mention that the booty was noticeably better that way.

There is, however, one more thing worth noting: assuming that you are sailing on a sloop, you need to have a large enough crew to spawn imperial rank brigands and barbarians. I think Pishkirlin wrote somewhere that navving against any ship that has a rank lesser than imperial will harm your rank, which is something I can't confirm, but I go by anyway. I am not sure how many pirates it takes for an imperial to spawn in Gull, but you can get by with 4 pirates and a regular duty navigator in red routes, wherein, mind you, your rank will go up higher and faster (I believe it's possible to attain ultimate on a green route, but it might be a bit difficult). Also, navving a sloop is much more efficient for ranking up.

In the end, bnav is just like any other puzzle; you can't really expect to rank up from only a few performances. Some ranks are harder to get past than others, especially in the current state of the player population. Just make sure you are navving efficiently (which sounds like you are) and that your crew is large enough to spawn imperials (think 5 to 6 people on a sloop).

Feel free to hit me up in-game with any questions you have about bnav.
Crimsonator, the unofficial backseat navver of Emerald

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