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Posted by minisparrow at Nov 1, 2016 2:04:44 PM
Re: Battle Navigation Rating
Pretty much mirroring what jlh0605 says.

Just like in any puzzle, if less people are doing it and only the people who are good at it continue, your scores will be judged against their scores and therefore will be rated as such.

Bnav for example, is judged on how close to maxxing your opponent you are and how quick you do this. Hence why some people are starting to max - dis - max again (but much quicker).

If it's of any help, and it's on Meridian but the same logic applies really, below is a screenshot of a crew that has 3 people in the top few rated bnavvers on the ocean.

That will give you a small indication on bnav time and number of battles that these 3 navvers partake in.
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