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Posted by jlh0605 at Nov 1, 2016 12:47:35 PM
Re: Battle Navigation Rating
Being a long-time Hunter then Emerald player, I can attest that while my bnav skill has not gone down, my rating has. I was consistently GM/Leg pre-ocean merge, now I'm consistently Master/Renowned. I think there are two major reasons for this.
1) Lack of active battle navigators. Though the latest pillaging update helped with this, there just aren't as many players navigating battles as there were years ago. Less players, plus equal skill from before among top players, equals lower ranking for many.
2) Many of the players who do still navigate do every little thing to boost their score, making the curve more and more skewed. It has been suggested to me, for example, that if I want to increase my battle nav ranking, I should always intentionally lose the first fray, so that I can have a dead ship in the re-engage, to boost my stats.

I personally long ago gave up on getting Ultimate in many puzzles (including battle nav). I just nav to have fun. IF we win almost every battle, and most are max-0, then I consider that a success, no matter what my ranking says.
~Jamesh on Emerald
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