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Posted by Dooku9 at Oct 4, 2016 12:07:50 PM
Re: Cheap Wine and Greedy Brigands
I said if we decided to make this a weekly thing I'd post it on a different thread, but I don't wish to tire everyone out so we're gonna do anotha one, one more time.
There's still mates that wish to get more trophies, including myself who wishes to get a Silver WF trophy, so 1 more time oughta bring us some more poe, fun, trinkets, surprises, and trophies.

So come out again this Thursday, October 4th, 2016 for another War Frig pillage! We're gonna start loading at 2:30 pm Pirate time and will be out til before 10 PM Pirate time (unless we have an Expo to goto. We'll do that and then we'll port). Thank ye for all the pirates that came out last time to make it a huge success! Now let's do it one more time!

Edit: October the 6th. Sorry for the mix up
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