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Posted by Finneegan at Sep 29, 2016 5:47:59 PM
Re: Port plankings?
Thanks for the kind words, Ghostbeard and jlh!

I mean, we got back to port and the booty was divided (I was maybe slow on voting because I didn't know I had to do that (and one time I tried and it wouldn't let me anyway)), but then I get planked (twice in a row) where as on other boats when the ship was back at port it was divided and that was it (I hopped off under my own steam). But that was when I was getting 'learning' instead of poor or booched.

What really bugs me is the way they act all social with the ahoys, but then then its definitely not social at all to chuck someone out without a word. Acratic, I'd say. Particularly when they could just look at my profile and not hire me on if it's not enough for them (which is fine).

Anyway, I've gotten that off my chest. Just don't like it when people act as if they are friendly when really they are cut throat. Be honest with yourselves, people.

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