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Posted by Ghostbeardz1 at Sep 28, 2016 9:59:12 PM
Re: Port plankings?
While my words won't undo the actions of those pillage captains, I still genuinely wanted to speak up to thank you for speaking up about a issue which happens to quite a few green jobbers, as well as pirates who have returned from absence & are relearning the puzzles.

As someone who came back to the game a year-&-a-half ago as a jobber relearning the puzzles, the philosophy I ended up deciding on was to keep hopping ships till I found crews or captains who behaved in ways which cared in some way about their jobbers. If all I got as a jobber was a single ahoy & a couple of red order whistles, I would usually find a way to hop off after the first battle was over to try a different ship. After a few tries I would usually come across a ship that appeared to have 1 or 2 friendly pirates aboard & generally those ships rarely had any officer misbehavior. Eventually things began to get a lot easier after I had met my first hearties & found my first friendly crew, which made it a lot easier to follow along on a ship my friends & crewmates trusted.

To tell the truth, I genuinely wish it was easier. I genuinely wish our ocean community was better at making sure all crew leadership centered around creating a friendly welcoming space for jobbers to puzzle & be rewarded.

I guess my philosophy has been to keep the hope that if each of us jobbers & crew members keep seeking out supportive & friendly pillages/events that over the long run those supportive events & communities are going to be the ones which thrive.

We aren't there yet, but my hope continues to be that our decisions as jobbers can still make a difference.
Ghostbeards of Emerald
Senior Officer of The Royal United Navy

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