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Posted by Forculus at Sep 26, 2016 1:56:35 PM
Re: Pillage Sunday 9/25
Markus1 wrote: 
Trinkets were divided evenly among the players who had been there the longest (nobody had more than 2 items) -- which was really nice.

Is this intended? Not that I mind, because I'd rather get stuff from the lockers, but it seems to have gone to the opposite extreme from Ryujin's pillage.

Are you asking if primarily getting items rather than poe from the lockers was intended? If so, yes, that is intentional.

Markus1 wrote: 
Also side note, I purposely avoided the BK battles because they had (in the past) not contained any greedy brigands. Is/was this intended behavior and/or was it fixed?

Brigand Kings will not contain greedy pirates for now, as we'd like to encourage meaningful pillages, rather than just churning through a bunch of BK compasses. We may add support for earned BK expeditions eventually, but for now I want to get everything working and ready for release.

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