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Posted by ryujinpp at Sep 20, 2016 9:35:58 PM
Re: Pillage Tuesday 9/20
i was there fer 1 battle and rightfully received no lavish locker since there were only 12 lockers to split among 16 pirates who participated

image links fer the divvy randomness:

image links to show the list of pirates on the voyage:

this random divvy mechanics will make jobbers preferring not to job fer as long as they could.. its better to just keep hopping on different voyages and staying fer just 2-3 battles each

on another note.. i still have not seen any merchant expo being awarded despite it being "increased" while testing greedy brigands on ice

is it possible to change the merchant expo mechanics to make it similar to how BK expos are spawned? it doesnt matter if the merchant ship contains only cheap & bulky stuffs like hemps, sugar canes etc.. there are way better way to earn poes than to hunt fer merchant ships

keep the regular merchant ships the way they are fer those who like to attack them when they see them

but please do create a different merchant ships which spawns the same like BK expos (visible only to those who won the expo) with intangible loot fer trophy sake

i want merchant expos mainly bcos i'm an avid trophy collector
i have not seen a single merchant expo my entire pirate life since this announcement on spyglass
Galene tells ye, "I reserve the right to not deliver prizes to you anymore in the future :P"
Galene tells ye, "You crashed me 6 times!"

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