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Posted by Bryceagrimm at Sep 20, 2016 9:52:04 AM
Re: Much needed Flotilla Improvements
Have everyone. It's been a few years. I check the forum every month or so to see what's going on. I love the sound of the new greedy brigands. I definitely agree that flotillas need some love also. Some suggestions I have are:

- just like the new greedy brigands content, make them equal in reward to sea monster hunts HS and Atlantis. Maybe add chests to TH with BK specific trinkets and maybe a special pet/fam for each brigand. There is not much incentive for a fully POR rewarded puzzle when you can just do an smh and have a chance for something way better. They don't have to be high percentage occurrence but just knowing that they can be won will invigorate this important and awesome aspect of the game.

- maybe add some spice to the boards that are specific to the themes of the BK.

Azarbad the great has ships with a flame thrower shot or pires of flame that can damage ally or enemy ships.
Widow Queen: spiders can invade your ship and require defenders
Vargas: when ships die, sometimes a cursed ship respawns which does more damage but provided bigger rewards
Barnabus: ghostly clouds occur in puzzle which cause ghost ships to appear if you enter the cloud or the cloud is over you
Etc. just anything to differentiate them more. The ship types differing is pretty bland.

- Maybe change up the colors too so it doesn't look so bland. Add bk specific trinkets to land forms on map or something.

- you could add a heavily guarded stockpile area of blockade goods which has a counter say 100 which corresponds to bk strength. If your ship enters, there is a treasure drop mini game which has cannon balls and rum in the mesh. 3 minute th and the results of this reduce the bk strength. Could add chests with trunks and such to it. Duty puzzle results show the amount of rum and cbs each player hauled. There could also be an bk specific SF or rumble prior to th similar to encountering them during pillage. I wouldn't want it to be too similar to the other smh but it could work very well.

I am really excited for new changes to this game I have loved for so many years.

Bgrimm on both emerald and meridian.

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