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Posted by etieti at Sep 18, 2016 8:45:33 AM
Re: Much needed Flotilla Improvements

Flotillas needs some change as much as pillaging does or even more!

1) Change the 5/3 non sinkers ratio to at least 5/3 sinkers ratio!

2) If 1 isnt happening ... Increase non sinkers payouts!

3) Bring some trophies such as the ships ones for pillaging! (Ships counts, taking flots down, etc...)

4) Move flotillas over SMHs on Notice Board since they dont require a badge!

5) Reduce the overpowered initial spawns in toughest flotillas! Double brig or frig against 1 brig is simply overpowered!

6) Add cutters as green ship!


Once again this week :

A) Meridian respawned a 5th flot up to replace Vargy flot that Imperial Coalition killed

B) Emerald didnt respawn any while maintaining 1 flotilla up and only 1 BK owning an island! (4 flotilla spawns total in 11 weeks which is highly ridiculous considering meridian maintain 5 flots a week!)

C) Twice in a row the BK drop at noon game time was accordingly to game mechanics but its often out of the loop aswell!

D) I still spawn double brig reds against my brig!

Rethinking about everything ... That pillaging release will kill flots down even further ... Will be the only trip not spawning chests fams and pets! Payout will still be shit and trophies still not existing!

We really need a fix before flots lose any interest jobbers still have for them!

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