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Posted by LJAmethyst at Sep 16, 2016 2:37:48 PM
Re: Navagation Leaves Much to be Desired!
Hmm, never heard of a "Fair rating", but you also mention "Fine", which is a duty report score, so I'll assume that the former means the latter.

And thanks for the edit. Some players, and especially some OMs, take a dim view of profanity wherever it's found. I am more likely to be helpful if I'm not being cussed at.

Navigation is a pathological example of one of the general oddities in Puzzle Pirates puzzles. The lower-level boards score poorly, and therefore present an obstacle to leveling up. This is also present to some extent in bilging.

What you need to do is partly just hang in there. Also you need to be aware of what constitutes a session so you are adequately registering enough decent scores to increase your rank over time. While navigating it is easy to either have many very short sessions with poor scores, or too few very long sessions. With too much of the latter, it won't matter what your scores are, you won't rank up in a timely fashion at all.

I would guess that the best session length is ten leagues, give or take. This may vary with your skill level, but you want a session long enough that you can score a number of good constellations and have a good final duty report, and short enough that you won't risk too many booches or nadirs in your ongoing scores. Once you achieve that "sweet spot" in session length, and if you really are worth your salt in Navigation, you will find yourself leveling up in a timely fashion.

As you progress through the puzzle and the boards become harder, you'll notice that completing them gives your indicator a bigger boost. The longer you stay on the puzzle, the better your chances of getting more than a "Fine" score.

Ah, yes. Navigating in one epic long session allows you to progress through boards and thus increase your bonus. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to rank up easily, and attempting a long session by a low-level player will make it more likely for you to booch up a harder board and thus reduce your average for the duty report. So it's not useful, IMHO, to have epic long sessions just to get to those harder boards. Play efficiently and excel at the easy boards and you should enjoy increasing rank in short order.

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