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Posted by xelto at Sep 16, 2016 4:09:57 AM
Re: Navagation Sucks!
Why is this puzzle so hard?

There are a couple of possibilities. There are some people that just don't click with a particular puzzle. For me, it's patching. Dnav, in particular, requires a type of thinking that a lot of people don't use, with the way the three rings interact.

If you're using a mouse, switch over to using keys, I find that easier. Dnav doesn't use a mouse, what was I thinking? Ignore this part.

Also, the pool of duty navigators is far smaller than any other puzzle out there, so proportionally, most of the people doing it are very good at it. And since the rankings are based on how you do proportionally to everyone else, breaking into the upper ranks might be challenging

Real World Navigation with a map isn't this hard. I should know, since I have to locate an oil well over 100 miles away from the nearest metropolitan with a crude hand drawn map from a person who failed the 5th grade yet still makes $100,000/yr with descriptions like "turn right at the funny looking scrub".

Ha! Tell me about it. I once was part of a project that was moving the electronic maps of Alberta from the antique mainframes of the 70s to something that computers with modern, powerful 80486 processors could take full advantage of. The occasional descriptions of "line angled to avoid rocks" were a challenge to figure out where, precisely, they were. But once the lines got onto Blood land, descriptions changed to "line turns left", with the antique mainframes' plotted map showing this power line doing an inward spiral as the line "angles left" for over half the utility poles, proved to be a challenge to migrate to something where they wanted each pole and line accurate to within 10 cm, since they were sharing this with every other agency in the province that had computerized maps.
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