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Posted by Bobsaget6 at Sep 15, 2016 8:22:54 PM
Navagation Sucks!
I think the best I've ever done is a "Fine" rating.

Why is this puzzle so hard?

Real World Navigation with a map isn't this hard. I should know, since I have to locate an oil well over 100 miles away from the nearest metropolitan with a crude hand drawn map from a person who failed the 5th grade yet still makes $100,000/yr with descriptions like "turn right at the funny looking scrub".

I can get "Fair" ratings by letting the game sit untouched for five minutes, just as long as I don't booch it.

Yet, if I get three "Blimey"s in a league, I also get a "Fair"! What gives!!!

P.S. I also heavily edited this. There would otherwise be a good number of ****s, *****s, mega****s, ***holes, ********ers, ****lickers, ****ers, and ****-enjoying ****bags that I edited for virgin ears.

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