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Posted by Cedric at Sep 29, 2003 8:14:42 AM
Re: Why?
Cleaver wrote: 
The supposition above is correct; we removed people who've not logged in for 10 days (and continue to do so) in ordert to concentrate jobs in the hands of people who actually play, rather than have wages paid into accounts that then just sit there forever. This is going to become more an issue still when the game goes commercial, and would in any case have happened when we introduce crafting puzzles (the idea being that unless you puzzle at your job at least once every 10 days you've basically 'quit' the job.)

I'm just saying that in our current "azure" situation, those idle workers were really needed to meet the demand for labor. These new people who are taking jobs now, are for the most part, doing a poor job of it. I've had to take 3 or 4 newbs to task over the past few das as they began bragging that they had gotten 3 good jobs. I explained that by taking three jobs, they are provding very little to any of the shop owners, except take up a precious employement spot. Current owners had spent a good while molding their workforce so that it provided labor effeciently, and I'm not certain that will be possible to do in our current situation with the abundance of jobs. Posting in the forum telling people you'll pay 25 an hour if you only work there and don't forage might work, but its troublesome at best.

While we're on the subject of labor, lets revisit Alt-labor. There's still no reason to allocate 12 hours of labor to yon Maverick-alt when he has nor ever has had a job. I don't play him daily, perhaps only once a week sometimes, but he's still important enough that I don't want to destroy him, but in turn it means Ced can't get a decent job because he doesn't get his 24 hours. Can't it just be so that labor is split among "job-holding" alts. Maverick still couldn't forage since that requires a job to do. So, I lose 12 hours by simply _having_ an alt, even if I don't seek to use their labor.
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