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Posted by etieti at Aug 14, 2016 3:33:26 PM
Re: Much needed Flotilla Improvements
I agree with all the points except to make them all sinky.
Flotillas definitely needs some improvements.


5 sinkers 3 non sinkers ratio would be more fair than 3 sinkers and 5 non sinkers and it still leaves room for the newer navers to have a go!

Or as my post said earlier to increase non sinkers payouts cause they are clearly too low!

Adding cutters as greens would make flots easier cause they spawn way too many MGs for the numbers of MBs and nowadays ye are lucky to fill a brig for a flot!

TROPHIES! Thats like the only thing on the game which doesnt have trophies related to it!

Make red spawns a little bit weaker since ye shouldnt have to deal with double brigs xebec or frig spawns against your brig!

If red spawns are getting lowered I could easily see a double junk/bagh/brig teaming entry but as of now ... Ye would spawn a frig close automatic with double ships in!

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