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Posted by emieangel at Aug 13, 2016 12:53:48 AM
Almost-Spring Cleaning and Pre-Loved Pets to be Rehomed!
Offer anything on everything, but please post on here. Best offer wins!

Apollo egg
Archelon model
Fancy bed (royal blue, gold) x 2
Fancy bed (rose, mint)
Bludgeon trunk
Gold candles x 2
Carven table (grey, grey)
Fancy chest
Festive fir (red, green)
Festive fir (royal blue, white) x 2
Festive fir (maroon, mint)
Kraken clock (green)
Kraken clock (lime) x 2
Display case x 3
Large display case
Evilmermaid's prize-winning egg
Faeree's pirate werewolf egg x 3
Faeree's fourth prize-winning egg x 2
Flutie's prize-winning egg
Greylady's prize-winning egg

Inessa's ancient Athenian egg x 3
Phillite's prize-winning egg
Phillite's second prize-winning egg
Phillite's third prize-winning egg

Exotic canopy bed (ice-blue, black) - RESERVED
Galene egg x 2
Hera egg
Katana display (royal blue)
Kraken sink (blue, gold)
Kraken sink (purple, gold)
Kraken sink (violet, persimmon)
Kraken throne (green, tan)
Kraken throne (green, pink)
Kraken throne (green, maroon)
Kraken throne (aqua, lemon)
Kraken throne (grey, persimmon)
Kraken tub (grey, grey)
Kraken tub (grey, aqua)
Kraken tub (green, peach)
Fancy meal (orange)
Fancy meal (light green)
Meal with wine
Poker table
Portrait easel x 3
Mounted squid (green) x 2
Mounted squid (purple) x 2
Mounted squid (violet) x 2
Mounted squid (navy)
Mounted squid (aqua)
Mounted tentacle (green)
Mounted tentacle (purple) x 2
Mounted tentacle (grey)
Mounted tentacle (aqua)
Triketos model x 2
Clawfoot tub (royal blue, white)
Wardrobe x 11
Female rumble dummy

Fancy bed (blue, white)
Fancy bed (royal blue, gold)
Festive fir (royal blue, white)
Necromancer table (lime)
Portrait easel
Triketos model

Pets looking for a good home!
All rehomed!!
Cat named Furrbal
Cat named Phoenix
Black Dog named Karabas
Dog named Angus
Small dog named Cosmo

Collector of Tigerfish, Catfish, Angelfish & Piranha

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