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Posted by Aur at Sep 29, 2003 8:01:38 AM
Re: Labor!
biohazard wrote: 
Aur wrote: 
I really don't see this problem. My shop has been open for two days on guava and I am only offering 5poe an hour. I already have 52 of my 60 employees. You can argue that not all of them are producing what they should, but for right now, all my rum times are basically down to 15 minutes for an order. That isn't too bad.

well these labor problems most shops are having now is hardly noticed by owners of distillers( and apothecaries) since the really short time each order takes to make... it's really rare that ye should have a any backlog worth mentioning with those...

tailors, weavers and mongers on the other hand are now forced to see their backlog increasing from around 1-2h in best cases to around 2+ days for the same amount of orders...

Aye, Embla. I forgot about the quickness of the rum. I can see how the bigger items can cause bigger headaches.
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