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Posted by majestrate at Jul 13, 2016 10:21:41 AM
Re: Thoughts on stalling in citadel runs
Your posts are fine and you've done a good job on clearing up confusions.

Let me ask you a straight up question: If the attacks TOWARDS you aren't enough to actually kill you. Why are you stalling?

Just because you're stalling doesn't mean you soak up more attacks then you should have done anyway.

I tend not to stall until I start getting bigger attacks. Because I share this belief. If my board is empty/mostly empty (depends on the situation, have to flex to what attacks are being sent), then I'm not stalling, but I do build defensively if I'm being targeted.

That said, there have been times where I've had an NPP target me, I stalled, NPP threw quite a few combos and targeted someone else, I continued stalling, NPP re-targeted me before it sent "lethal" attacks at the other player.

So, yes, I believe it is possible that allowing attacks to queue up against you can be of great benefit to other players, especially if you're technically dead but haven't hit that point in the queue of attacks waiting for you.

I do agree with what you're saying. My point though is that I do believe the citadel runs before the whole "stall" era was a lot better and easier. People are overusing it and think it's way more efficient then it really is. And to convince people otherwise I kinda have to drag it way to far or people will just ignore it. Hope that's understandable ^^

Yes, completely agree with you on this. That's what I mean when I write
Stalling is a strategy. You have to be able to build defensively but still do so with the ability to clear your board. It's not just "don't use the space bar, but do use every single breaker that shows up"

Side note, the "stall with 2/3+" concept is from well before Atlantis existed.
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