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Posted by Finaally at Jul 13, 2016 5:30:33 AM
Re: Thoughts on stalling in citadel runs
I think as some have explained, stalling is a viable and effective tactic when used properly. The most important thing to have is clear instructions to crew and as little spam or contradictory messages as possible. The clearer you make your calls, the shorter the instructions are, the more people will follow them. With clear instructions, players will notice how effective following them is in helping the fray to be won. If there's too much confusion, then it's really not clear what exactly helped the team to win.

Shouting "STALL" on its own is just not going to work. There's specific times and situations where stalling works, but a call to everyone to stall won't be followed by some. I won't stall if there's no reason for me to. I'm an effective striker, so to stall is really to weaken my ability to effectively take down targets if I'm not under attack.

Stalling is most effective when your fastest fighters can tell you the upcoming frequency or lack of certain breakers. The longer you can prolong reaching the breaker shortage point, the more bots will KO themselves if they're not stalling. So encourage people who can SF well and get KO'd to feed back such information to the game chat as that can help the XO make more informed tactical calls.

I do agree with what you're saying. My point though is that I do believe the citadel runs before the whole "stall" era was a lot better and easier. People are overusing it and think it's way more efficient then it really is. And to convince people otherwise I kinda have to drag it way to far or people will just ignore it. Hope that's understandable ^^

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