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Posted by Finaally at Jul 12, 2016 4:12:08 PM
Re: Thoughts on stalling in citadel runs
I'm not trying to insult you, but I'm not sure you really understand how to effectively stall. If you have a number of NPPs targeting you, their attacks have to queue up. The more that are queued up against you, the fewer there are to send to the rest of your team.

Let me ask you a straight up question: If the attacks TOWARDS you aren't enough to actually kill you. Why are you stalling?

Just because you're stalling doesn't mean you soak up more attacks then you should have done anyway.

You're contradicting yourself. This was in your previous post:

Finaally wrote: 
I had test runs as MAA on a junk where I use to solo defend even against 2 - 3 and sometimes even 4 (that's quiet hard though) and they rarely give you lethal attacks UNLESS you provide them the blocks they need. In which I've been trying to tell, is created by stalling players who doesn't aid in the attacks.

If you aren't sending insta-kills then how are you not feeding them with non-lethal attacks?

I'm sorry, I'm confused. I've been explaining this a lot. If you know the mechanics it's not that hard. You kind of have to get it above that 35% mark, by sending whatever blocks you may like, singles and vegases won't matter. Once you've gotten to that stage you can finish it off by sending a bigger blow.

What that statement is refering to though is that even thou I'm targeted by 4 goons, only one of those will send me heavy attacks. Yes, correct, the one I'm attacking/feeding. The remaining 3 goons will only send smaller sprinkles for most part, until much later on.
So that statement was to prove that the goons aren't very dangerous unless you make them dangerous. I, for one, would say I have a pretty clear picture of how to handle goons so I could manage to do 1v4.

How come I never die due to attacks as one of the first when I never stall? How come I get the first kill (around 70% of the time) even if I have 2+ goons at me? Because I don't stall... I've never stalled (lie) and it has never hurt me..

I've died plenty of times both when stalling and when not stalling. I have to believe that you aren't accurately remembering every single fray you've been in. I find it impossible to believe that you've never been sent an insta-kill from an NPP when there were 3+ targeting you at the same time.

Once again I'm confused. This statement is refering to the start of the fray. "How come I never die as one of the first, even with 2+ goons on me".
Meaning: If you compare my contribution to someone who starts the fray by stalling (and we both have 2+ goons at us). I've killed one or two goons by the time that player starts contributing anything at all. And on the defensive part? He soaked just as much as me.
That's what that statement was refering to.

I'm sorry that my lack of language skill is getting in the way of making myself clear. Also sorry about the poorly written posts.. Not used to the whole coding part.. Somewhat confusing to me

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