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Posted by majestrate at Jul 12, 2016 3:41:15 PM
Re: Thoughts on stalling in citadel runs
Finaally wrote: 
I've already covered why this isn't a good argument previously in the post. But I'll say it once again.
1st: the 3-4 NPPs attacking you might not even have anything to attack you with. So you're stalling for nothing. Basically, it wouldn't make any different if you stalled or not. The only difference is that you didn't send any attacks during this time.
2nd: By stalling you might not provide enough fire power to finish the goon of and it will break and instantly kill one of your allies. But if you didn't stall you might provide enough fire power to finish off the goon and you'll save your ally.

I'm not trying to insult you, but I'm not sure you really understand how to effectively stall. If you have a number of NPPs targeting you, their attacks have to queue up. The more that are queued up against you, the fewer there are to send to the rest of your team.

Stalling is a strategy. You have to be able to build defensively but still do so with the ability to clear your board. It's not just "don't use the space bar, but do use every single breaker that shows up"
Finaally wrote: 
maj wrote: 
If I have a player that doesn't know how to send large attacks and is constantly sending 3 or 4 sprinkles at a time, I'd rather they stalled and allow the other, more severe, attacks to get through instead.

For the "by not attacking them unless we are certain to kill them" statement, what you're looking for is a ship that has nothing but insta-kill SF'ers.

Not really, as I mentioned before, those players who do not use huge combos will overtime fill up the board of the goon and the one building will finish it off. I'd much more prefer that rather than having 2 people who build massive attacks. I would want a various of different kind of SFers, boths comboers and non comboers. Works great together. try making 2v5 frays and stuff and you'll find that it works best if they have different playstyle.
So what I'm saying is that I'm not looking for a ship that only has insta-kill SF'ers. I'm looking for people that will continues beat down the goon untilit's dead instead of fooling allies by thinking they have a team of 2 when it's only 1 of them attacking. (hope that made sense)

You're contradicting yourself. This was in your previous post:

Finaally wrote: 
I had test runs as MAA on a junk where I use to solo defend even against 2 - 3 and sometimes even 4 (that's quiet hard though) and they rarely give you lethal attacks UNLESS you provide them the blocks they need. In which I've been trying to tell, is created by stalling players who doesn't aid in the attacks.

If you aren't sending insta-kills then how are you not feeding them with non-lethal attacks?

Finaally wrote: 
How come I never die due to attacks as one of the first when I never stall? How come I get the first kill (around 70% of the time) even if I have 2+ goons at me? Because I don't stall... I've never stalled (lie) and it has never hurt me..

I've died plenty of times both when stalling and when not stalling. I have to believe that you aren't accurately remembering every single fray you've been in. I find it impossible to believe that you've never been sent an insta-kill from an NPP when there were 3+ targeting you at the same time.
Marto wrote: 
We can't rely on majestrate he yells at people

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