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Posted by Finaally at Jul 12, 2016 1:35:52 PM
Re: Thoughts on stalling in citadel runs
What. They don't gain any sort of shield or protection, instead, they stall. They sometimes survive very long because they go through 20 small attacks of a few blocks before getting hit by a larger attack (and then sometimes more small attacks giving them the time to clear and then have to wait again for a new large attack). From what I've seen, they stall a little bit more for every person attacking them (up to a limit; I'd guess that's around 4-5?), you can sometimes even notice an attack taking a long time to land with just three people hitting one goon.

If this is the case, shouldn't they still gain blocks everytime they do get the next piece. Which doesn't seem to be the case honestly. So I'm not 100% convinced about that one. Regardless of how it words, we do agree that overteaming makes it die slower.

This varies per situation...


and you never really know which situation you're going to get when the fight starts so it's a bit of a gamble, but the idea is that by stalling from the start, you are

Trust me on this one, 95% of the time it's completely harmless to go full out building mode at the start of the fray. The other 5% will only harm you if you'd get super unlucky with the breakers. And in that case it might not even have to with you stalling or not. But you will never die in the initial minute of the game by any attacks from the goons.

2) Still receiving all those small attacks that "don't matter" a long time after you WOULD have taken a large attack if you started to stall later. THIS is what makes stalling insanely good sometimes, being able to tank multiple goons for several minutes.

I have to disagree on this one. I don't even concider myself as a top SF player and yet I see all attacks that aren't lethal as food that makes me stronger. Especially springles. And I've been playing a LOT of lantis SF. More than most. I had test runs as MAA on a junk where I use to solo defend even against 2 - 3 and sometimes even 4 (that's quiet hard though) and they rarely give you lethal attacks UNLESS you provide them the blocks they need. In which I've been trying to tell, is created by stalling players who doesn't aid in the attacks.
Goons aren't dangerous unless you feed them. Why would you ever have to stall if they never send big attacks?

Basically what I'm trying to say is, look at it from a goons perspective. When do they send huge attacks? When they have fuller boards (greater than 40%). So how do we avoid that? By not attacking them unless we are certain to kill them. How can we be certain to kill them if 6 - 7 guys are stalling? we're losing out on so much of our attack force potential! And for what? Trying to avoid attacks that are most likely never to come. The price you're paying for a small chance of actually being successful isn't good enough.

How come I never die due to attacks as one of the first when I never stall? How come I get the first kill (around 70% of the time) even if I have 2+ goons at me? Because I don't stall... I've never stalled (lie) and it has never hurt me..

The few times I do stall is if we were at a 5v5 situations and they are literally 3+ on me AND my board would be all messed up. Meaning, no defending breakers, no good breaking point. Just a messed up board which has a very likelyhood of not making it for very long, then yes I would stall, and did so acoordingly.

At the end of the battle most of the goons have built up a fairly good board by default meaning that the attacks will also be greater. Meaning, stalling in late game would make much more sense. Because just as likely is your board to also be a bit messy unless you've had a smooth run and kept your board all clean and nice.

But I would never ever be scared of just 2 dots net to my face. That's just food.

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