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Posted by patgangster at Jul 12, 2016 12:18:13 PM
Re: Thoughts on stalling in citadel runs

Part 2: Teaming
Why not 4? Because when you go more than 3 players on one goon, it receives some kind of "sheild" which makes it less vulnerable to attacks. Which is shown easily when there is only one goon remaining in a citadel and it has 20 players trying to kill it. Sometimes it takes a while due to the sheild.

What. They don't gain any sort of shield or protection, instead, they stall. They sometimes survive very long because they go through 20 small attacks of a few blocks before getting hit by a larger attack (and then sometimes more small attacks giving them the time to clear and then have to wait again for a new large attack). From what I've seen, they stall a little bit more for every person attacking them (up to a limit; I'd guess that's around 4-5?), you can sometimes even notice an attack taking a long time to land with just three people hitting one goon.

Part 3: Why I dislike the whole "stalling" promotion
Also why would you ever stall at the begining of a citadel fray? Once again, I've seen players who stalls from the very begining (and officers in charge who are promoting it as well). But the thing is.. the goons have empty boards. What could they possible be sending?
Most likely the dots next to your face will be gone by the time they actually start sending swords.

This varies per situation... and you never really know which situation you're going to get when the fight starts so it's a bit of a gamble, but the idea is that by stalling from the start, you are
1) Stalling on an empty board, allowing you to stall for a lot longer
2) Still receiving all those small attacks that "don't matter" a long time after you WOULD have taken a large attack if you started to stall later. THIS is what makes stalling insanely good sometimes, being able to tank multiple goons for several minutes. ...But then again as you said a lot of the time those dots next to your face will be gone and then you're sad because you're stalling but you can't really stop stalling because all the attacks in your queue will screw you over if you stop stalling so you sit there with 0 on you waiting to die. Yup. (Or, depending on how long you were attacked you can take the risk and stop stalling anyway, hoping there aren't too many attacks in there.)

I'm not saying that all stalling is bad for your team, but I do not suggest promoting it as a key-thing to win a citadel. You may be able to buy your team some time in certain situations but mostly it's for nothing.

I agree. There are way too many people blindly yelling "STALL" "WE LOST BECAUSE NO STALLING" "STALL MORE" when there are many more issues with the swordfighting. Stalling in the right situations is good (learning what those situations are and when to actually go for it takes a while though), but people focus on it and yell about it way too much. I've seen citadels lost because a large amount of the crew was stalling, the goons switched targets and those that were stalling couldn't stop because they'd die (as mentioned earlier) and now those who got teamed to are getting destroyed. Fun times.
TriplePat, Emerald.

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