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Posted by Finaally at Jul 11, 2016 2:20:55 PM
Thoughts on stalling in citadel runs
So for a very long time I've been questioning the whole "STALL" thing that's going on everytime there is a citadel fight. I didn't even like it from the start (I will explain why shortly) but now it's like the only thing people focus on is to shout "STALL".

Now just to clerify something, I'm not creating this topic to create war, but to actually try to make player evolve within the game.
I've been running a lot of citadel runs during my time here and I'd like to share my knowlegde.

So, here's my theory.. (to make it easy for us all, let's imagine we're all on a War brig (WB) with a maximum of 30 players)

Part 1: How the swordfighting against goons work and thoughts around it
So we have 30 players who have different experience of swordfighting (SFing). Some players are faster, some slower, some play with combos, some doesn't. In my opinion, and from the experience I have with killing the goons, the best set up would be to have a player who doesn't build and just send stuff to build up the goons board and then the one building huge combos can finish it off.
The more board the goon have the more vulnerable they are. So while the board is being empty, even if you send a huge vegas 3 attack at it. It might not even fill half it's board. But on a human player it would have filled the entire board. But only filling the board with a couple of rows and that vegas 3 will finish that goon easily.
If we try the other way around, the combo player sends a vegas 3 and fills the goons board with a couple of rows, then the slower player sends some singles (no combo) the goon will most of the time not die and in many cases break and probably kill someone.
As long as the goons doesn't have a whole lot on the board, it doesn't usualy hit very hard. The very big hits aren't coming until the goons have been building up for a very long time OR if you send a lot of attack to one goon and makes it board fill up and then let it break. As it breaks it will also be less vulnerable (as we spoke of before), so to finish off goons that have a lot on its board is curcial!

Part 2: Teaming

With all that being said above, I think we can all agree that teaming is a key to victory! But how many should we team with? Usualy people advertice teaming of 2s and 3s.
Why not 4? Because when you go more than 3 players on one goon, it receives some kind of "sheild" which makes it less vulnerable to attacks. Which is shown easily when there is only one goon remaining in a citadel and it has 20 players trying to kill it. Sometimes it takes a while due to the sheild. Beside that, using the strength of 4 (or more) players to kill of 1 goon when you could have 2 teams of 2 and kill off 2 goons in the same amount of time (due to the sheild).
A team of 2 is somewhat risky unless both player are very well synched or just 2 very good players. But in some cases you get 2 slow players who just feeds the goon with lots of bricks and eventually it will break a massive attack on a fiendly player. But for the most part 2 is a fair team size. Optimally though, I'd say is 3.
A team of 3 is for the most part safe, sufficient damage that 90% of the time finishes off the goon wihtout it having the time to break and hit us back.
Why not solo? Well, some players who really knows how the goons work might go for it. But it's really not something I would recommend. Even for me who know the mechanism of goons very well (if I can say so myself) and while being an ultimate swordfighter can sometimes struggle. And even when I succeed I might cause my team to suffer, because as I'm filling the goons board, it usualy has the time to break one time before I've managed to build the finishing combo. And that attack will hurt one of my teammates, just because I wanted to be a cool soloer. And occasionally there comes a time where the finishing combo wasn't great enough and the goon will basically make a ful clear of it's board. Sending massive damage to your team and you've both wasted time and effort and all you got was dead teammates.

Part 3: Why I dislike the whole "stalling" promotion

First of all, when you ask someone "why stall??" You'll most of the time get the answer "To soak as much damage from the goon and buy time for your allies"
Sounds good, right?
But then let's see the bigger picture. Teaming is good, right?
Let's say.. I'm in a team of 2, me and my friend is doing work, I just set up this huge attack of a vegas 4. But what I don't know is that my friend is stalling because he is targeted by a couple of goons. So my vegas 4 just turned in food for the goons to send back at our players.
I've seen so many cases where people have been feeding up goons with lots of bricks but they just can't finish them off, the goon has time to break before the next attacks come.

The whole thought about teaming is ruined because the team of 3 is not actually a team of 3 and the team of 2 might just be a soloer because the other person is stalling and won't be roviding any sufficient damage. And it's almost impossible for you to tell if anyone in your team is stalling or not.
Also why would you ever stall at the begining of a citadel fray? Once again, I've seen players who stalls from the very begining (and officers in charge who are promoting it as well). But the thing is.. the goons have empty boards. What could they possible be sending?
Most likely the dots next to your face will be gone by the time they actually start sending swords.

So let's go back to what I was mentioning earlier in the post. The more you feed the goons the greater attack they will send. Those 2+ dots next to your face might be untargeted goons with barely anything on their boards, their attacks will only tickle you anyway. And stalling will prolong the game, which most likely means greater hits from the goons. Especially if you're in a team and you're stalling. You are for sure gonna hurt your teammates by doing so.

I rarely die in a fray because I had 2 goons on me. 80% of the time those 2 goons are just 2 normal goons that aren't targeted by any human player. And as I said earlier, then they do not hurt very much. They are more likely to provide you with blocks to send back to them in fact. So imagine if I did actually stall instead of keep on playing. I'd be killing a lot of allies and saved multiple goons every run.

I'm not saying that all stalling is bad for your team, but I do not suggest promoting it as a key-thing to win a citadel. You may be able to buy your team some time in certain situations but mostly it's for nothing.

I think that pretty much sums it up. I'm sorry for a messy post. I'm not good at these kind of stuff and I didn't have a pattern for how I was going to write it so I kind of just typed whatever came to my mind.

Hope it's somewhat understandable and if it isn't the shoot me a question and I'll be happy to answer it!

Notjapp on Emerald

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