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Posted by wanttofight at Jun 27, 2016 11:10:28 AM
Selling Fams and pets
Please post offers or contact me in game, thanks.

Selling some things I don't want anymore and some things I had planned to sell anyways.


Unnamed Black/Grey Serpent

BIN: 5m

Unnamed Peach/Plum Toucan

BIN: 4.5m

Named Black Raven

Name: Three-Eyed Raven (Game of Thrones reference)
BIN: 4.5m

Unnamed Ice Blue/Navy Parrot Limited Edition

BIN: 4.2m


Unnamed Golden Elephant Tan/Peach

BIN: 300K

Unnamed Gold/Red Brown Sea Turtle

BIN: 250K


Junk - 150K
WF - 275K
WF - 275K
Lovestruck Sloop - 350K
Legality/Illegality (Meridian)

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