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Posted by farmboy236 at Jun 18, 2016 7:16:04 PM
Re: Support our troops! Familiar and Pet sale for N&K Warchest.
P.S. We know a significant sector of Cerulean will rather not let our contenders at Babylon know they are extending their support in fear of retaliation so I am taking PM offers and /tell offers. Please try to contact me in game through Auraluna. I will check Pm's on a consistent basis as well.

Well, if you consider me telling them that they aren't making a sound investment is retaliation, then my bad. To me, giving you poe for pets is as good as a ketchup popsicle while wearing white gloves. But, 1,050K for the lot.
Majorjr on Cerulean
Littlemenjr on Meridian
Major on Emerald

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