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Posted by altheacat at Jun 15, 2016 12:41:58 AM
Re: RIP Kraken Hunt
Dear Forculus,

As I just said, I've been too busy in r/l to play much, and haven't even had time to reply to your kind request for examples of tentacle aggression, but here goes. Long but bear with me!

Let me give you an example of what seems to be, for me at least, a common experience.

First, the map is indeed, as Mg said, much more rocky with few routes up to or down from the egg. Take what I think seems to be a typical map.

The start has rocks within 4-6 squares, which means one has on average 3 routes up. One on the left, past the cuttle nest, with at least one tentacle guarding this, with back up couple of tentacles behind. You can sneak up through the cuttle to find more rampaging tents in the 8-10 square wide next bit. Same happens on the right past the locker, with added rocks, and the two whirlies letting you into the locker each have a tentacle guarding them with another 1-2 roaming for reinforcements. The middle route is of course also guarded by two tents at least within the first 10-12 squares.

One can sneak up the left hand side in this map and that's what the bomber will have done and with skill has arrived and downed the head. Rejoice! Then we get to the bombing scenario so beautifully explained by Mg.

The egg is of course right at the top of the board, usually to be entered by whirlies which is fine. However, it is immediately guarded by 4-6 tentacles which, in the 3 turns they have, invade the nest, while small detachments of tents chase any pirate trying to enter. Although they only have 3 moves to our 4, there are so many of them working together, life can be short and brutal.

And coming back down, again there are platoons of tentacles blocking every route down except the edges where they thin out, so down I come along say the left through the cuttle nest and time things very carefully because the spawns are on every possible route back to the safe zone.

Bloody but unbowed, I load an egg into the safe zone and off I go again.

In summary: and I am well aware this is only an impression. There seem to be more tentacles than before, which have less area to guard. They seem to zero in much more on players and either have ESP or jolly good radio communications as they seem to work as a team to guard routes and attack players. They don't spawn in the same spots but seem to spawn where players have left some scent trace, so they now have bloodhound DNA.

I won't repeat what Mg said, but they seem to have suicide squads to take out the bomber's defences, and around the bomber they too spawn more randomly and aggressively. They enjoy the harder more rocky maps a lot more than I do.

If indeed the AI is not more aggressive, then maybe it's a factor of the maps themselves being 'harder', and greater numbers of tentacles?

I hope this has answered your questions, Forculus, and thank you again for taking the time to talk to us.



PS: Can't wait to see what the new developments you referred to in the other thread are going to be!
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