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Posted by Crazymg at Jun 14, 2016 11:53:51 PM
Re: RIP Kraken Hunt
Mostly I agree with Ryujin. However I have noticed maps being more rocky and bottle necked at places for awhile also Defendacles seem to have become a little more adventurous and are exploring a little bit further away from the head than they used to.

In recent months I've been triple clienting Kh solo or doubling with a heartie or two, one of my clients always bombs so if i head if blocking eggs I can still egg, if bombing is impossible all 3 will cuttle/locker (only happened once so far) and i don't dis maps unless i'm in a particularly bad mood. One egger usually ends up being a decoy when I try the first down and dies but I usually get about 5 or 6 eggs an entry if i'm lucky 7 but never less than 4.

This week I've been doing my usual with a map between Myvatn and Lyonesse on Emerald, it's been horrendous. Almost every map is rocky and bottled necked like crazy, bombing boards have been blocked a lot more than normal (still bombable but not ideal) for example there's a board with a middle whirl at the front and two opposite winds at the back with whirls on the ends. I normally bomb the last inner wind on the right hand side and the whirl I exit bombing from on the left. Until this week I had only encountered the exit to the left hand whirl being blocked once, this week I've encountered it 5+ times. I can still bomb the right as usual but I cant bomb the whirl (only next to it) and freak out every time a tent gets in the whirl if it's gonna come down the winds and block me. Tents in general are zeroing in on my bomber a lot more too, I could go a whole round of not dying but they just aren't letting me build up my defences, every time I have 2 defensive bombs placed a tent or two would take them both out and some boards require 3 just to be safe from Defs, but I'm just not getting a chance. One board I only managed to get 2 eggs that has NEVER happened before, the egg exit was the the very right of the map with a little area underneath and a corridor to go left past the head and pods, tents wouldn't leave the bomber alone and the Defs kept going up the corridor and blocking the egg exit. I don't think it has anything to do with experience as I've been working on lesser used alts that were only at silver/flan.

One of those alts jobbed on another persons normal run to egg, I don't remember where the map was off but the maps there were all so much nicer looking. At one point one of the bombers (gold) kept dying and said "bad map" I believe it was more Bomber Error as it was the nicest one I'd seen all week, the bomber had plenty of opportunity to build better defences but chose not to, someone else took over (silver) and they failed to notice a tent took out the main defensive bomb as the head went down and they ended up dying from it and this happened throughout most entries. Those bombers had opportunity to place defensive bombs but choose not to and ended up dying and considering I've been dying because I'm not getting a chance to place defensive bombs it was incredibly frustrating.

I'm wondering if the location of the map has something to do with how rocky a map can be/how aggressive tents can be etc.

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