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Posted by Brandishwar at Jun 6, 2016 6:49:39 PM
Re: Puzzle Pirates Trade Profiteer
I finally made the jump to a new laptop with Windows 10 running on it, and unfortunately it appears that PPTP isn't compatible. At least, when I install YPP and then PPTP, the PPTP installation doesn't create the special shortcuts for YPP. So of course PPTP thinks there's no instance of YPP running.

Does anyone happen to know how to make those special shortcuts manually? I miss being able to use this application!

I do apologize for not seeing your reply sooner. To recover the desktop shortcuts, you'll find the item "Copy Java Runtime" under the Help menu. That runs through the same process that is used during installation and should create the desktop shortcuts.

I'm on Windows 10 currently myself and I had no issues running the installation, so I'm curious as to how things went wrong for you. But let me know if the item in the Help menu gets you back up and running.
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