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Posted by ryujinpp at Jun 2, 2016 2:03:42 PM
Re: RIP Kraken Hunt
before i start, pls understand that nothing posted is personal.. i normally refrain from posting opinionated stuffs just bcos "quod ali cibus est aliis fuat acre venenum" but since ye mentioned wanting to hear from others, so here goes
- There seem to be more tentacles overall, just an impression.
just an impression as ye said, afterall forculus did said nothing has been changed as far as kraken AI goes
- They spawn closer to the 'nests', and as the boards are less open, that adds difficulty. In the three turns before the head comes up again, you can bet your bottom dollar three or four tentacles will guard the nest entrance, with a few more added for fun to chase the unwary pirate in the area close to the entrance.
the nest are what kraken is all about isn't it? be it cuttlebox, tentacle locker, pod or egg.. that's where the treasures are, and that's where everyone will want to go.. so why shouldn't the treasure be protected?
- They seem to spawn where players are. Say you are going up the right hand side of the board, that's where they spawn. Players change to the left hand side, the tentacles on the right disappear, and more spawn on the left.
from personal experience, every board has its hot-spot zones and all it takes is a quick glance right at the very beginning of each fresh entry to see where those zones are.. just make sure ye are passed those area before the tents respawn
- They also sit on entrances, be it corridors or, for example, the pod nest which is one of maybe two ways of getting to the eggs. If there is a third way, say taking a long route over the top of the board, at the inevitable pinch point, that's where you will find your Overfriendly Tentacles, in a herd. And they work as a team too, or so it seems.
i was recently more actively playing again after Grey Haven took over (after being semi-dormant fer months).. just few weeks ago, i went on a solo session when most of the ocean were asleep.. first board was eggable solo and i collected 3 eggs (didnt sink once), second board's egg looked a bit tricky so i went after pods instead and collected 4 pods (sank once or twice).. again, these treasures are meant to be protected.. just make sure to have a reliable bomber, watch the hot-spot zones and ye be fine
- They also seem to invade the nests more often than before. If one doesn't time one's entry pretty accurately, they will chase you when you are, say, in the entry whirlie much better than before.
protecting the treasure are their job, having a decent bomber onboard yer ship is yer job
- They seem much more likely to follow and catch you than before. I wonder if this is related to experience, as mentioned before? Like Bnav, the higher your experience and standing, the more the enemy is likely to take any available shortcuts/route etc... to get you.
forculus already answered that - nothing has changed
This is just anecdotal of course. But, finally, generally if the bomber can't get the head down with one or two tries, you might as well resign yourself to collecting little boxes, provided that is, that no tentacle sits in the cuttle nest or no team of tentacles guard the entrances to the locker, working as a team usually.
that is why a decent bomber made all the difference.. however, having said that, there are times where the board is very yucky fer bombing due to random wind or rock blocking the ideal bombing spot.. in such situation, its best to disengage and get another board - save everyone 30mins of torture
May I add that my hearties are gold bombers, extremely skilled, and good puzzlers. I've lost count of the number of times they've screamed in despair at 'unlucky' spawns, where they get caught even though they have built little fortresses of bombs ....
tbh, trophies no longer means anything fer kraken due to it being around fer so long

the very maximum number of kraken bombing is 16 times per board if the bomber could get to the head fast the first time and not sink throughout

a mediocre bomber should easily get 4-5 bombing per 30mins dip, that's 12-15 bombing in 3 dips... bombing just 3 dips per day means a person could get the gold bombing trophy (800 bombings) in just 67 days.. and kraken has been out fer like 2 years?

same reason why anyone who could only get one egg successfully in 30mins should have the hard-boiled egg trophy already unless they were dormant when kraken first came out and only recently returned to the game
Galene tells ye, "I reserve the right to not deliver prizes to you anymore in the future :P"
Galene tells ye, "You crashed me 6 times!"

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